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Hello from Anna

About me

I believe there’s magic in everyday life and ordinary things. I find it in rose-petals, scented candles and fresh linen. It’s there in bubble baths, body lotion and silk pyjamas. My garden has it, hidden in tiny flowers and ripe fruit. Freshly ground coffee definitely contains a powerful spell. And as for chocolate…

But I think people contain the most powerful magic of all, in their touch, through secret smiles or in a shared glance between two strangers. It’s in our stories too. That’s why I love myths and legends, fairy tales and fantasies and why I create stories that bring those elements into everyday life. Along with lots of sensual pleasure, of course…

When I’m not writing I create small indulgences to share with others, for the kitchen, for the body and from my garden. I’ll share the best of them here - I hope you enjoy them too!

You can contact me at annakinlan@gmail.com

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 The number one rule in ancient Greece is: Don’t mess with Zeus.

Don’t even think about seducing one of ‘his’ nymphs.

And for Zeus’ sake, don’t actually do it.

Darien’s satyr-brothers warned him, but Darien isn’t one for rules.

Especially when they forbid him from doing what he does best.


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